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GreenWell strives to always offer you more.

We begin with the following team - building, educational, and professional services, which we develop for yourspecific needs.

We offer training agendas planned by our experts will help you choose the most effective type of training and team - building activities that match your business task, objectives and existing capabilities.

The entire training centre as well as separate areas of the center can be leased for half a day(up to 4 hours) or for the whole day depending on your business objectives.

Technical resources and management include not only basic equipment lease but also supplementary equipment, including connection and set up, that may be required for your particular needs.

Embedding your corporate design and branding of the working area and accessories will allow you to integrate your company's style into our training centre space. This can include everything from booths, banners, printed matter andaccessory branding(flip charts, writing materials).

Catering services and eco - cuisine guarantee You need healthy food for successful work, so we offer the optimal kinds of food and drink for you to choose, in every possible setting: coffee breaks, stand - up meal, business lunch, cocktails, teatime and the like.

Time and cost saving opportunity to hold a meeting.Conference rooms are equipped with state - of - the - art videoconferencing devices. Located downtown Kiev, conference facility is easy to reach and convenient to use.

Photography and video recording of your activity by prior arrangement will bring you a photo or video report of your own conference, training, workshop or briefing.

By your request we are ready to provide you with additional service like
  • Booking"Sport" hotel
  • Organizing excursion program etc.

(Bringing to the "Professional events" Menu) GreenWell suggests different variants for effective solutions of your business tasks. All events carried out by our center have clear organization, correspond to high professional standards and keep the unique atmosphere for the development of Thought, Idea, Talent. We are also ready to suggest you any forms of corporateand professional business events in accordance with your needs.

Menu. Professional events(Clicking the button one can read about the event format) :

  • Conference is a business event, the participants of which discuss the business moments, exchange the experience, develop the strategies of solving current questions. As a resume of a conference, as a rule, certain conclusions are made and the topics of the followingmeetings are planned.
  • Seminar is a practical group class on some particularly chosen questions for improving of professional training and increasing the qualification. The results are usually seen in the increasing of practical effectiveness of acquired skills.
  • Training is the system of coaching, in the process of which a person is taught(trained) in some practical or theoretical sphere.The result is achieved in the development of certain skills, necessary for more effective running of professional activity.
  • Master - class is one of the most effective forms of training and getting new knowledge. The basic advantages are the unique combination of a brief theoretical part and individual work, directed at the acquiring and consolidation of practical knowledge and skills.
  • Briefing is an analogue of a press - conference. The main difference - there is no presentation part, the questions and answers of the participants(journalists) follow almost right away.
  • Workshop is a mastering seminar. This is an event during which one can not only get a set of theory, but also immediately implement in practice the acquired knowledge under the direction of specialist in the sphere.
  • Focus - group (focused interview in group) is the method of information collection and analysis during certain research. The group of people(not less that 6 and not more than 12), whose opinion of the discussed question is interesting, are chosen according to special criteria and invited to the meeting, during which the discussion is held by the scenario created beforehand. The discussion is directed by the moderator.

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