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1.Is "GreenWell Ukraine" Company a VAT payer? - - YES, the Private Company "GreenWell Ukraine" pays value added tax on a general basis.
2.How can I book a conference hall in the "Greenwell" conference center? - In order to book any of the "GreenWell Ukraine's" conference halls you need to fill in an Application Form on our web - site. Please, make sure you give all the necessary information for us to make out an invoice for you. A 50 per cent advance payment will secure the conference hall you require.

3.Can we set up a service contract with the Private Company "GreenWell Ukraine"? - "GreenWell Ukraine" provides non - residential premises sub - lease services, which is duly contracted with a client. You can request a template of the sub - lease contract by e - mail : [email protected] . [email protected] .

4.Do you provide any paperwork? - We provide acomplete set of the documents required for financial reporting at the end of the event.

5.What does the full day lease of the conference hall from 9 AM to 6 PM imply? - Having booked the full day in a "GreenWell" conference hall the Client is entitled to arrive at any convenient time before the event and stay in the "GreenWell" center as long as it takes him tocomplete all the scheduled activities.

6.Do I have to pay the full day lease if our activity doesn't exceed the 4 hours term? - For those business events that last from two to four hours we provide an option of a half day lease. By choosing this option you are getting a full four hours for your event and another 30 minutes for any preparation activity it will require.

7.Our event will need one big hall and three smaller ones for group - work. Are there any options for this case? - "GreenWell" conference center can offer you four comfortable halls that can accommodate a conference having several working groups.

8.If during the event we'll need another conference hall to split the audience into groups, will "GreenWell" be able to provide additional premises? - "GreenWell Ukraine" will be happy to provide as many halls as you might need as long as there are free hall available at the moment. You will be billed for the additional rental services separately.

9.What equipment does the lease bill cover? - The lease also includes the provision of: a multimedia projector and a screen; a flip - chart, 4 markers of different colors and a 10 sheet pad of flip - chart paper; audio speakers; notebook; laser pointer; and wireless Internet. Every hall is equipped with the items listed above.

10.Is there anyone who can set up all this equipment? - - The staff of the conference hall will set up all the necessary equipment. Please, let us know beforehand what equipment you will require for you work .

11.Do you have a room for coffee - breaks? Do we have to pay for it on top of the hall rental? - Our Wellcome Zone is available for coffee - breaks as a partof the hall lease bill. If the Client prefers having a separate room for coffee - breaks, one of the halls can be used for that. The cost of the additional lease will depend on the time period when the hall will be in use.

12.Can you organize coffee - breaks and a reception for us? - Our catering partner is "Metropol", an on - site restaurant, - delicious, versatile andreasonably priced meals for your guests .

13.Can we organize coffee - breaks ourselves, without using the catering service? - Yes, our Clients are welcome to organize their own catering.

14.Are there any restaurants in close proximity to the "GreenWell Center" where we can have lunch? - Within a 3-5 minute walking distance there are plenty of public catering places that would be happy to arrange a group - lunch for you.

15.Do you provide video/audio recording? - "GreenWell Ukraine" conference halls are equipped for video/audio recording ofthe Client's event on video/audio data storage devices. This is an additional service that is additionally charged for.

16.Is it possible to organize a simultaneous translation for out event? - In the "GreenWell Center" your simultaneous interpreters will have an option of working in a separate room or in a booth for simultaneous translation.All the necessary equipment is provided by our sub - contractor whose prices are very moderate.

17.Can we conduct a video - conference in your center? - "GreenWell Ukraine" successfully organizes video - and web - conferences with countries from all over the globe, supported by our partner "Odicom" Company. Video - conferencing is listed as an additional service and is paidon an hourly basis. Testing of the video - conference connection is free of charge.

18.What does the focus - group service package contain? - "GreenWell Ukraine" has a modern focus - group studio with a comprehensive set of services available at your disposal. .
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